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IREIS Media Partners

Media Partners

Entrepreneur Middle East (ME) is a licensee of U.S.-based Entrepreneur, a monthly print publication devoted to business endeavors that acts as a valuable resource for business people globally. In addition to print, Entrepreneur as a global brand makes strategic use of various other mediums in the realm of web and social media. Entrepreneur ME, in adherence with our global parent company standards, is committed to localized and high quality content delivery under the following section headers: Tech, Money, Start It Up, ‘Treponomics, and Culture.

Mediums: Entrepreneur ME is heavily invested in an effective and pervasive digital presence. In addition to our website, there is daily interaction on our newly launched social media platforms. Syndication: As part of Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur ME has full legal rights to syndicate any and all print and web materials. Entrepreneur ME includes syndicated pieces only when relevant to the MENA region as part of our content-localization commitment.

Entrepreneur ME news is also offered online through a dynamic website

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